NetAcademia CISSP 1.2 is available!

The best CISSP training kit for training centers

Only for €999

NetAcademia CISSP consists of a world class trainer preparation kit for your trainers and an up-to-date training material for your students according to the 8 domains.
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We provide competitive advantage to IT professionals by training them in the skills and new technologies they can use in their everyday work.

Our training history includes the employees of:
  • the largest banks
  • multinational enterprises
  • public sector organizations
  • insurance and telecommunication companies
  • digital agencies
  • small and medium companies
And who does the teaching?

Our teachers are the most qualified experts in their field. (In fact, only those professionals with an outstanding resume can teach at NetAcademia.)
Think of an IT-certification (MCT, MCSE, MCSD, CEH, CISSP, LPT, ITIL) and they have them all. Four of our teachers have earned the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional title.
Join our future vision

One might believe that the future is something to be waited for.
We think the future of IT is what we make it to be. We learn it, teach it and shape it. Be part of our mission for IT excellence.
What can you learn with us

Think of the IT skill you’re eager to learn – we can probably match it with a training (as we currently offer courses).
But our trademarks are the two following areas: IT Security and IT Management.

IT Security

The training program of EC-Council is widely regarded as the all-around best IT security course. It gives you real life scenarios to solve, knowledge you can count on and a certificate that’s not only valuable, but prestigious as well.
In Hungary we’re the only one training center that can (and does) teach the courses of EC-Council. You can learn the official curriculum and take the exam – and on top of that you’ll get additional info, extracurricular tasks and Hungary-specific hacking problems too.
Select the EC-Council certificate you’re interested in (CHFI, ECES, ECSA, ECSP, ECSS, ENSA, LPT) and sign up for the course!

Course details
IT Management

Various Microsoft software are now industry standards, and your best learning option may be a Microsoft learning partner – like NetAcademia.
What do you have to learn? The new Office 365? Windows Server 2012? Microsoft Hyper-V?
Check out the list of our current Microsoft trainings here.
Ethical Hacking Conference

IT Security at its finest. Imagine a conference where the best hackers of Hungary meet every year and the finest IT professionals give presentations. Each presentation starts with an intriguing problem – a problem you’d consider insolvable.
And the presenter solves them on stage. On live. In front of 1800 professionals.
We organize the conference every year (started 8 years ago) and it’s considered a „must see” event in the ethical hacking scene.
Pushing the boundaries to discover new training

In the past 16 years we’ve introduced many innovative training methods (online learning etc.). This is hardly a coincidence: we strongly believe that the best teachers are always adapting to the ever-changing world.
New technologies come and go, new industry standards are set, new software wait to be learned.
Information is constantly piling up. The old-school teaching methods are simply not enough.
Therefore we’re running various R&D projects to discover new teaching methods and technical possibilities. How does our brain learn new information? What motivates today’s learners? How can we use the new technologies to transfer knowledge more efficiently?
In the center of Budapest

NetAcademia is located in a modern office complex at 1075 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 16.
This is a location as central as it can get.
Finding us is easy: all 4 metro lines have stations in a 5-10 minute walking distance. We’re 10 minutes from Blaha Lujza tér (4-6 tram). There are 2 parking lots nearby.
Being here is comfortable: our 5 climatized classrooms always have the temperature „just right”, and they’re exceptionally tidy, neat and modern. Catering is free of charge, lunch is fresh and mouth-watering.
Learning with NetAcademia is an experience: we offer you the newest configs and gentle-to-the-eye monitors. The teachers are the very best professionals, your classmates are open-minded and friendly.
Learn with NetAcademia if your goal is not simply acquiring skills, but you want to have a good time too.
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Member of LLPA

NetAcademia is a founding member of LLPA, the worldwide Leading Learning Partners Association organization. Being part of this network we can reach 26 contries and and teach 423.000 students a year.

Contact us!

Most of our courses are available in English.
If you can’t find the specific trainings you need, please contact us – we’re more than happy to give you a unique offer (with brand new trainings or an already existing training adjusted to meet your needs).

NetAcademia Oktatóközpont Kft. 1075Budapest , Wesselényi utca 16. Tel: +36-1 321-6547 E-Mail: